Let’s Dance is working to come back after the pandemic! Fully vaccinated and wearing masks!

We are NOW visiting communities in Colorado for 2022.


Let’s Dance Program

Let’s Dance Program is perfect for communities with mixed groups, dementia, people in wheelchairs, older people at all stages, and other groups with special needs. Let’s Dance includes stories, music and guided movement. This program can include all cognition levels and is adjusted based on the groups abilities. Let’s Dance strives to celebrate what groups CAN DO!

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Bright Hawk’s Stories & Music

This program is perfect for the groups that are looking for something different and uplifting. This program is perfect for ASSISTED LIVING and INDEPENDENT LIVING as well as Senior Centers and other groups of adults and families. This program can be adjusted to include fiction or non fiction stories depending on the audience.

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Dancing Around the World

Dancing around the world in your CHAIR! This dance program is intended for communities that can easily follow directions and have the desire for exercise programs. This includes music & stories but also each story goes into a song that encourages participants to dance in their chair. The program typically includes Irish Step Dancing, Hawaiian Hula dances, and a New Orleans Free Style – ALL IN OUR CHAIRS!

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6 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Love your program, Bright Hawk! My son has grown up with your stories, from birth to 21. We both love the blessings your drumming, stories and songs bring to our hearts.

  2. We were blessed by Let’s Dance on Tuesday, December 17th. It was their second visit with us, and we are already scheduling another return trip. I can’t adequately express how thankful I am for what Bright Hawk and Hollis did for our residents. Residents sang, danced, moved, laughed, asked wonderful questions, smiled and glowed with joy. It was beautiful! The experience brought life to our residents in ways that were new for us and cause for celebration.
    Thank you, Bright Hawk and Hollis!

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