Let’s Dance Activities will reflect diversity in its organizational governance, volunteer structure, staffing, funding decisions, and policies. Through our commitment to diversity, we will strive to be a role model in our community, joining with other organizations to strengthen an effective human service system that reaches out to all people in our current service area. 

Let’s Dance Activities Diversity, Equity & Inclusion statement reflects its own commitment to diversity in its Board of Directors, Service structure, and financial availaibility.All of our work is structured by our commitment to inclusivity, equity, diversity and belonging. Let’s Dance intentions in all planning, programs and structures are to stand in courage, serve the people, foster belonging, encourage joy and to apply our personal excellence in all we do.

Let’s Dance Activities is a non-profit program that holds the intention to serve people that are living in long term care facilities or spending their time in communities often overlooked and forgotten by many service providers. Let’s Dance provides a program that fosters joy, community, connection, inspiring movement, and uplifting perspectives to the people it serves. Let’s Dance integrates the structure they deliver in programs into all the organizations systems, management, and structures including the Board of Directors. 

Let’s Dance serves as an example of how to defeat privilege and systemic bias by naming, talking about it, and takes personal and collective responsibility to change them. We know that if we just stand by and do nothing, that this supports inequality. We acknowledge there are oppressive systems in place and that we hold the power to dismantle or support them. We know that trauma can come in many shapes and sizes and that all forms of oppression like poverty, racism, sexism, ageism, ableism, sizeism, homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia, and xenophobia can all create emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual trauma. Let’s Dance intention is to be part of the solution, validation, and healing to these oppressive systems by providing structures that create safe environments for humans to change. We acknowledge that these oppressive systems can only be healed when we stay committed. Let’s Dance Activities is committed to offering inclusive programs that foster joy and community for groups of humans that are often forgotten and overlooked regardless of their ability to pay. Let’s Dance is committed to apply inclusive structures not just to their programming but also to all structures that support and facilitate Let’s Dance growth, including the Board of Directors. 

We are committed to offering, engaging in, training, and practicing love, grace, accountability, courage, vulnerability, empathy, and the power of story to help shift the world from oppression, shame, and trauma.