The musician, Bright Hawk, is a gifted entertainer. Bright Hawk is gifted at playing many instruments and has been performing, teaching and playing music throughout her life, in a variety of venues around the world including hospitals, hospice, schools, yoga classes, and healing programs. Today Bright Hawk offers a variety of programming for all sorts of communities with Let’s Dance.

In addition to music, Bright Hawk is also a storyteller and is known for telling stories for people of all ages. Most of the stories Bright Hawk brings into adult communities are non-fiction travel stories and stories most people can relate with. You can learn more about Bright Hawk at

Her CD, Echoes of the Deep Waters with Sacred Side Project is a favorite for its deeply healing, relaxing and inspiring music. Practitioners around the world are finding it helpful in supporting people on their healing journey.

Bright Hawk has a Bachelor of Arts, summa cum laude from California State University Long Beach. As a musician, she is playing and supporting healing programs through her music on the Hang PanArt around the world. A compassionate humanitarian, Bright Hawk is building a life of doing what she loves and loving what she does.

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