Let’s Dance is an unique music and movement program that was originally designed for groups of people on memory care units. The program has evolved to include everyone, regardless of their challenges and is flexible in order to include all people. The program was designed to use the music created by the Hang PANArt because of its unusual vibrations that help to relax participants. The combination of the Hang PANArt with some gentle guidance from Hollis Taylor can bring even the most hard to reach people to an awakened blissful place.

In memory care units and other cognitively challenged groups Let’s Dance has been an uplifting program that provides range of motion and light exercise for the community. The program also brings out a joyous celebration that can include everyone, even staff. Hollis guides each person into their own personal expressive dance with joy and encouragement. Residents that would normally not be able to participate often surprise their caregivers when they open their eyes, smile, or dance with Hollis. Hollis Taylor has held a CNA license and special training with Teepa Snow, a dementia expert. Hollis Taylor also has experience as a caregiver, activities person, yoga guide, mental health coach and a lifetime love for dance. Hollis Taylor’s approach helps to ensure that residents have a positive, interactive, and healthy experience with Let’s Dance.

Let’s Dance has also been brought into groups with mixed communities including people in wheelchairs, recovering from surgery, developmentally challenged, autistic children/adults, people on special equipment like ventilators, sick children, and emotionally and mentally challenged communities. This program has also been adjusted for Independent living facilities, assisted living facilities and other communities that are able to fully participate in yoga and dance in or out of their chairs.

Most of the content of this video is a thanks to a full memory care community that agreed to be filmed when Let’s Dance visited.

We like to stress that Let’s Dance can be a great exercise program for ANY COMMUNITY – contact us with questions!