By this category we mean that the majority of the community are cognitively aware and just need a wheelchair to assist with mobility. This could be spinal cord injury, stroke, or other disability like MS. Regardless of the reasoning just understand that people in wheelchairs can enjoy this programming as well.

People that use wheelchairs, in most cases, are completely capable of participating just as much as any other adult/child. We understand though that if your community is mostly in a wheelchair it can be hard to see them dancing or moving, but we assure you that a wheelchair never stops Hollis. All of the programs we offer can include people that use wheelchairs or can be tailored for an entire group of people in wheelchairs.

Hollis has over 20 years experience working and caregiving people in wheelchairs. Hollis held a Colorado CNA license for several years, has help people in wheelchairs with yoga, and has been leading groups with Let’s Dance for over 5 years.. Hollis delights in being able to adjust Let’s Dance to include everyone and people in wheelchairs have a special place.

Comment from staff:

“Seeing Hollis wheel and dance residents around the circle was great! People were getting engaged! Great program!”

Comment from Participant:

“Hollis made me feel special and actually danced with me without being weird. It was great to just relax and enjoy the music with Hollis.”

Recommended Programs:

Let’s Dance Movement Program (Light yoga, partner dance and personal expressive dance)

Handpan Storytelling (Great for evenings and mixed age groups)

Hang PANArt Concert (best for music appreciators)