Hollis Taylor is an Intuitive Caregiver, 10yr Certified Nursing Assistance, Mental Health Coach, and Creator for Let’s Dance Activities.

Hollis Taylor grew up surrounded by people with a variety of impairments. Hollis’ father was blind and lived in a community for people living independently with disabilities. Hollis has an education in nursing and psychology with years of professional experience in nursing homes with a passion for providing activities. Hollis now works as Death Doula, Mental Health Coach, and Movement Specialist with Let’s Dance.

Using Hollis’ education in dance and years of experience as a caregiver Hollis would call their approach intuitive caregiving. Hollis engages some of the more cognitively impaired individuals in a fun, creative, playful way. Moments of joy are recreated by reminding individuals of joyful memories of dance and connection. These joyous moments motivate range of motion through the music. Hollis engages people face to face with a smile and simple words like “Let’s Dance.” Hollis’ approach and techniques are inspired by Teepa Snow and developed over years of experience with communities Nationwide.

Hollis Taylor has held a CNA License in the state of Colorado and has been an assisted yoga guide for Quadriplegics and Paraplegics. Hollis also holds a degree in Psychology from Chesapeake College of Maryland, graduating with honors, and often offers services as a mental health coach. Hollis holds a lifetime of experience with older individuals, physically disabled, developmentally impaired, and people from all walks of life. Hollis has a special touch with the mentally, emotionally, and cognitively impaired as well as non-responsive individuals.

Older adults appreciate Hollis’ validating practices helping them feel seen, loved, and understood. Hollis uses their first name, meets them face 2 face, greets and thanks them personally, relates with them, holds their hands, and simply hugs them. Hollis’ presence inspires naturally playful behavior in harder-to-engage individuals. Hollis brings the 1on1 Personalized engagement to Let’s Dance.

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