This is where Let’s Dance began and where we find the inspiration to make Let’s Dance work for all communities. Houses that specialize in care for Alzheimer’s, dementia and all types of memory care have had a tremendous response and appreciation for this program. Let’s Dance provides a way for memory challenged residents to dance, move and celebrate the moment.

Most of the content of this video is a thanks to a full memory care community that agreed to be filmed when Let’s Dance visited.

The music helps the entire room relax no matter your cognitive challenges. The instrument helps to bridge the gap between caregiver and resident supporting personal expression and connection with Hollis Taylor or other staff/family members available. Hollis uses special techniques, inspired by the teachings of Teepa Snow, a well known expert for a natural approach to brain change.  The vibrations of the Hang PANArt and the techniques used by Hollis Taylor together create an uplifting celebratory experience for the memory challenged resident.

Let’s Dance Program has been our most delightful success in this community and we are grateful for all the communities that have supported the growth of the program around the world.

Quotes from communities staff:

“Let’s Dance brought smiles to the hardest faces in our community. I’ve seen residents smile that I have never seen smile before.” Activities Director- Brookdale Communities

“Even our resident that hasn’t looked up in years looked up to connect with Hollis. He opened his eyes and smiled! We were delighted to see his eyes!” Activities Director – Life Care Centers

“The instrument calmed our community when they had every reason to be anxious and stressed out with the events that morning. The instrument soothed the community into joyous expression in a way that I have rarely seen. Hollis approach helps reach even the most disconnected residents!” Activities Director – The Woods (Central PA)

The Best program for a Memory Care Community is our original.

Recommended Program:

Let’s Dance Music & Movement Program