By this category we mean people that are often labeled developmentally disabled such as Down Syndrome, Autism, and mental retardation, ADHD and any other challenge for your community.

Hollis has worked both, as a private caregiver and at adult day care, as a counselor among this community. Hollis is understanding and experienced with a variety of developmental challenges and loves to celebrate diversity.

The Hang PANArt played by Bright Hawk is uplifting and joyous which tends to help guide the mood of the audience. Let’s Dance provides a great movement and music program for your community.

Comment from the mother of an autistic child:

“Your music was very soothing to my daughter. It was a very special experience. Thank you!”

Recommended Programs:

Let’s Dance Music & Movement Program (Great for Everyone)

Handpan Storytelling with Bright Hawk

Dancing Around the World (If they can follow instructions on dancing)