By this category we mean programs suitable for communities of adults–such as in workshops, emotional and mental healing communities, spiritual communities, and other groups of adults. Certainly the program is adjusted based on the group and can include groups of children and/or mixed with adults. This is a family friendly program.

Hollis is trauma informed mental health coach with exposure to a variety of mental health challenges. Hollis can help every day groups learn to connect with each other, helping people recognize that its possible to connect with others without words. Hollis’ coaching style allows for personal growth, experiences and perceptions that can lead to ahha moments. Most of Hollis’ coaching and mental health word has been with the LGBTQIA+ community.

Bright Hawk performs in festivals, coffee shops, garden concerts, art shows, wedding ceremonies, funerals, and many other unique events. She has a background with healing and spiritual communities as well as with children. Bright Hawk brings years of world travel into her stories. She is also an excellent facilitator and workshop leader, teaching the art and craft of storytelling, helping us all connect and understand each other deeper through storytime.

Comments regarding Bright Hawk’s storytelling”

“You are my family’s favorite!”

“Your story brought me a lot of hope and healing tonight.”

“Wow! Your stories about Africa are inspiring! Thank you for that!”

Recommended Programs:

Let’s Dance Movement Program (Great way to boost moral and movement)

Bright Hawk Storytelling (Available for ALL ages)

Hang PANArt Concert (Not recommended for young children)

Moving Into Joy (Increasing connection through eye contact)

Dancing Around the World (Stories, Music, and Dances to perform together)