If you know other communities that might be interested in Let’s Dance, let them know that if we all work together we can bring this excellent event to all of our communities. Copy and paste the text or click the email icon to send an email to other communities that are a good fit for Let’s Dance. Just two program can get us to your area!


Dear Colleague,

I recently discovered this program and I think our communities would greatly appreciate it. I am impressed that they are willing to work with our budget and are simply asking if we could get two or more communities to commit to a booking they are likely to visit us.

I know if we reach out together we could get this to happen for our communities! This is truly a special event! Watch this video with other Activities Directors talking about Let’s Dance!

If you want to work with our community on a day we could agree on. I know that they will be in our state on (insert date here) and I am willing to commit to (insert date here). Do you have date preferences? Let’s Dance allows us to choose a price! I am hoping you will pay them as much as you would pay your BEST ENTERTAINER!

Hope to Hear from you Soon,