Let’s Dance offers a program that will be the highlight of these hard to reach residents monthly programming – a program that will draw out the smile from the bitter, a hug from the more distant person and a little boogie-woogie by even wheelchair-bound folks. At Let’s Dance, we just don’t know who will wake up or how they will interact. We are consistently surprised and often are unaware of the breakthrough we made in the moment, usually, family members or staff are so moved by the experience they are ecstatic to tell us about it. The instrument itself seems to carry a special vibration that awakens the hearts of distant residents that “haven’t smiled in months” or “haven’t opened their eyes for anyone in months” or “they just don’t say anything” and then suddenly partway through the program the staff that witness these awakenings light up as if they have witnessed a miracle. We are sure there is more science to help us explain these awakenings – we hope to provide more answers to the questions we all have about dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other brain-related challenges.

Let’s Dance will be visiting Oregon, Nevada, New Mexico in 2019. California and Arizona will receive service in Dec. & Jan. 2020

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