Let’s Dance is moved by the response of communities that are mixed. Again and again we visit Adult Day Cares and Nursing Care Units where the communities are very mixed. Some might have dementia, some are cognitive folks living in wheelchairs, some have people recovering from surgery, others have neurologically diverse communities, some are elderly, and even independent living communities.

Let’s Dance visited Nevada Adult Day care where the groups are very mixed and include special needs, dementia, and people in wheelchairs. The activity directors agree that most of the very large groups where engaged in a really deep way, some people singing along to Bright Hawk’s song. Something happens when we all sing “Love” together, the room seems to change. Now everyone is thinking about “Love” however they know it in their lives. Anyone that has worked with groups KNOWS that is more than half the group is feeling happy & joyous the rest of the group follows suit. This group had over 40 individuals excited to sing, dance, exercise, and listen to stories that warm the heart and inspire the soul. The group goes from chaotic and ‘just another day’ to smiling, hugging, and singing. Activity directors get excited when they see their group happily exercising together and are moved when they witness their transformation into happy & joyous folks.

Activities directors are working hard to bring in the best of entertainment available to their community and Let’s Dance fits that bill perfectly. As a Non-Profit Let’s Dance makes sure everyone has access to this program. This program works hard to engage everyone, no matter their ability to move, sing or dance and instead inspires the heart to dance in whatever way they can.

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