We have visited 100’s of facilities around the USA and we are currently seeking funding to support the advancement of fulfilling programs for the elderly and special needs. Let’s Dance is working hard to get funding and we are currently hoping that people that have witnessed the program would be willing to fill out a survey.

Music & movement program
Survey regarding elderly program for dementia, alzheimers
You can go here to fill it out, it only takes just a minute.

Let’s Dance 2018 Tour Announcements!

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Let’s Dance is a special program designed for a variety of communities including elderly, memory care, special needs, independent/assisted living, and other communities that are looking for an all-inclusive program that encourages singing and dancing along with a very positive message.

Let’s Dance is a non-profit and works hard to be economically inclusive, this means to include low income as well as higher income. We structure our payment system so “YOU TELL US HOW MUCH YOU CAN AFFORD.” We trust that all activities directors will do their best to pay at the higher level of their budget because this is a special event that visits 1 or 2 times a year. This program is currently in search for grants.

Our NEW WEBSITE includes the ability to book your visit, confirm your upcoming visit. We also encourage you to spread the word to other communities to your area and there is a part in our website to assist you in that.

Serving ND – September

Serving Oregon – September/October

Serving MT – September

Serving NV – October & November

Serving MN -September

Serving CA – November & December

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