What is the Name of that Instrument?

Some vibrations they could ‘hear’ in a different way, even ‘feel’ in a different way. The woman was clearly moved and Hollis continued to engage the group.

Let's Dance Western Tour

Why Stories for People Living with Dementia?

Each time in the circle she would tear up when Bright Hawk would talk about Hawaii. When Hollis would lean in to invite her to dance, she would happily join in on the hula dance we do for the Hawaii story. She would smile big and each time she would say the same thing, “Ohhh I remember doing the hula with my husband on our honeymoon!”


November 2018

Let’s Dance is excited to offer entertainment to communities with elderly, special needs, dementia residents and other people including those in wheelchairs. This entertainer is available in Oregon in Nov & Dec. – California in Dec. – Arizona in January. Let’s Dance is a non-profit and is in service to all income levels, please visit our website for more information including our calendar where you…

Entertainment in Nevada, Arizona, and California

October 2018

We could really use your help in spreading the word. Just take one moment to help other people become aware of Let’s Dance! Please share on your local social media page or you can use this email to send to your coworkers. CLICK HERE TO HELP SPREAD THE WORD! Our Western Tour is underway and we are excited to be visiting Oregon, Nevada, California, and…


September 2018

We have visited 100’s of facilities around the USA and we are currently seeking funding to support the advancement of fulfilling programs for the elderly and special needs. Let’s Dance is working hard to get funding and we are currently hoping that people that have witnessed the program would be willing to fill out a survey. You can go here to fill it out, it…


May 2018 News

Book a visit at your community NOW! Let’s Dance is a special program designed for a variety of communities including elderly, memory care, special needs, independent/assisted living, and other communities that are looking for an all inclusive program that encourages singing and dancing along with a very positive message. Let’s Dance is a non-profit and works hard to be economically inclusive, this means to include…


Feb. 2018 News & Tour Annoucements

February 2018 Let’s Dance News 2018 TOUR ANNOUNCEMENTS We have most of our summer tour dates worked out at this point and are sending out emails NOW to announce our visit to these states. If you see your state above, please take a look at our NEW SCHEDULE page where you can see exact dates and times available. We have dates for CO, NM, TX,…


January 2018 News & Tour Announcements

January has been a busy month for Let’s Dance with moving over our business to function as a Non-profit. We have had great results thus far on applying for small grants that help us with paying for business services, inlcuding our new website soon to be launched. We are making progress steadily. We are booking now for Arizona and Colorado for February. We are also…


Happy Holidays 2017

A Special Program for Special Needs Communities including Dementia Let’s Dance sends warm blessings for everyone at this time of year. May the holidays bring love and warmth deep in your hearts and the hearts of those you love. Please extend our loving blessings to your community from Bright Hawk & Hollis! Our 2017 Fundraiser is coming to an end and we would love to…

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