February 2018 Let’s Dance News


We have most of our summer tour dates worked out at this point and are sending out emails NOW to announce our visit to these states. If you see your state above, please take a look at our NEW SCHEDULE page where you can see exact dates and times available. We have dates for CO, NM, TX, LA, VA, MD, DE, PA, NJ, MA, CT, NY, and OH.


Let’s Dance is excited to announce our new website. As a direct result of GoDaddy’s grant program we were able to upgrade our website to include lots of new features to assist Activity Directors. First we now have a SCHEDULE PAGE to help YOU know exactly when we are in your area. We also have a “Booking ONLINE” feature that helps you email us to set up a visit. We also have other new features like “Spread the Word” & “FAQ” to help you better understand Let’s Dance. We also now have both domains both .com and LetsDanceActivities.org – We hope you take the time to take a look and we welcome feedback.

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