January has been a busy month for Let’s Dance with moving over our business to function as a Non-profit. We have had great results thus far on applying for small grants that help us with paying for business services, inlcuding our new website soon to be launched. We are making progress steadily.

We are booking now for Arizona and Colorado for February. We are also ready to book for Colorado Springs, Grand Junction, and Fort Collins/Longmont/Loveland area for March. Email us now to get your slot! We also have dates for Austin and Houston, TX as well as Louisiana and Massachusetts this coming Spring and early Summer.

We are actively taking volunteers that can work remotely. We need technical help with scheduling, answering emails and so forth so please be willing to learn or very computer literate. We are willing to teach.

We are looking for Grants and grant writers as well. If you can help in any of these ways please email us, we totally appreciate your help.

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